Zombie Harvest

Zombie Harvest

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Zombie Harvest Hack is a super-addictive zombie game, where you play plants charged with the task of eliminating a plague of zombies. The graphics and gameplay are very similar to those of the popular Plant vs Zombies and do a good job keeping you on your toes for hours defending yourself from the craziest enemies.

The evil undead tries to steal seeds from your farm, where you grow pumpkins, peppers, and other vegetables. You have to gather the strength of all your plants if you want to defend your farm from the advance of the zombies.

The gameplay is fairly simple: place your defenses in the best locations, covering every possible route your enemies could take. Each plant has a special attack, and so do the different types of zombies. Some have more life points than the others, so you have to fire as fast and as much as you can to kill them before they get to you.

With more than 90 different levels, Zombie Harvest is a fun game where you fight endless and frantic waves of enemies. Sometimes you'll even fight crazy bosses who can be a real challenge. Enjoy hours of fun with these plants and zombies.

Meet Zombie Harvest - a sarcastic parody of popular mobile games, with a twist!

Ta-dam! It's not just another one of those "zombie-killing" free games. But, yes, most of the addicting games are about zombies, so we’ve blended in some extra healthy veggie fun! Are you ready to discover a story about the mightiest vegetables in a battle against zombies?

There are peaceful vegetables, living free and relaxed. Well, you know, there are peppers, pumpkins, and stuff like that. Suddenly ... Some greedy disgusting zombies are planning to steal the seeds from the cool as cucumber vegetables!

So stop lying there you couch potato, it's time to get into some shooting games!

Shoot, defend, attack, and win! Zomboleon, Dyson, and other limbs of the devil, or maybe the products of the inflamed minds of our free game designers are ready to do battle with you. Fortunately, there are the reddest and hottest peppers in the ranks of our veggie crew! Throw anything you have at hand at the ghouls, and have fun! It's easy to shoot, impossible to stop! Protect your veggie garden until the last zombies get shot.

★ The next wave in addicting games - a sarcastic vegetarian arcade! Zombies, vegetables, birds - all in one.
★ 7 SuperBad peppers on your side, and 25 types of enemy, each more disgusting than the last
★ 3 locations and 90 levels
★ Varied but always simple gameplay
★ Bonuses and bosses: an arcade in the best sense!
★ A sharp parody of the most popular free games - we got the best of them for you for free. Have fun!

How to Hack Zombie Harvest

  • Open the page generator by clicking the Hack It Now Button.
  • Input your username or mail.
  • Select the platform and enable encryption.
  • Click on "Connect" and wait until the account will be connected.
  • Select Resources and Click Generate Now!
  • it will display human verification to avoid Spam or Robot, and you must verify
  • If the generator not showing human verification, so reload the current page and start from the first step again.
  • After all, is done, go back to the generator page and you'll see a status.
  • Let's open the game in your devices and look, your resources is there and ready to use, if not start from the first step again.


  • FREE 5 Medals
  • FREE Handful of coins
  • FREE Pouch of coins
  • FREE Chest of coins
  • FREE Pouch of coins (at a discount)
  • FREE Partial upgrade
  • FREE 50 Medals
  • FREE Heap of coins
  • FREE Bundle upgrade
  • FREE Double Coins
Additional Information
World Wide Yes
Hacked No
Size (Google Play) 41M


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