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Among Us

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Among Us has reemerged as one of the Fall 2020s most popular games, despite seeing its full release on Steam almost two years ago. Within the 2D murder-mystery game, indie developer Innersloth cooks up a unique atmosphere filled with space stations, intergalactic chores, and lies.
I may be late to the party here, but Among Us has quickly proven itself worthy of a late review. Its explosive growth on Twitch as one of the platform's most popular fads warranted a full investigation – and I'm glad I went down the rabbit hole.
Don't get me wrong, Among Us isn't changing the game. In fact, its overall premise is incredibly bare-bones. Players are pushed together in seclusion, pressed for time to deduce who the murderous imposters are before it's too late. Deceit, Town of Salem, Werewolf Online, even Clue – plenty of games have already explored these concepts. Nevertheless, Among Us somehow nails the classic formula in a way that makes it perfect for a quarantined society.
The whodunnit showdown supports 4-10 players, pitting everyone together in one of three different futuristic environments. Everyone has to complete tasks while keeping an eye out for the treacherous imposters. If a majority decision can be reached, players can be voted off for their suspicious behavior. If nothing is witnessed and the imposters aren't ejected, then the only other path to victory is by completing every task. However, the imposters only need to kill enough players in secret to win. No talking is allowed during the task phases, player vision is limited, and emergency meetings can be called to discuss any findings.

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