Idle Lumber Empire

Idle Lumber Empire

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Build your lumber and house manufacturing business and become a tycoon!

Welcome to Idle Lumber Empire - a brand new idle clicker game. In this idle simulation game, you start with a small sawmill, working hard to manage and expand your factory, with one ultimate goal: building a lumber empire!

  • Manage Forests

    • Harvest trees sustainably by hiring tree planters to grow your forests.
    • Purchase more lands to green 'em all!
    • Train your lumberjacks to become skilled workers for efficient log harvesting.
  • Build milling lines

    • Purchase and upgrade machines to process logs faster and produce more lumber products.
    • Explore a variety of machines waiting for discovery.
  • Maintain and upgrade vehicles

    • Log Trucks and forklifts deliver logs from storage to machines.
    • Ensure they are upgraded and maintained to keep the factory operational.
  • Manage Sales

    • Run marketing campaigns to attract new clients.
    • Process orders efficiently to maximize profits.
  • Biz Upgrade

    • Earn BizPoints from each processed order.
    • Spend your hard-earned BizPoints wisely to boost the Factory's income permanently.

Enjoy the new addictive idle logging simulator game!

How to Use Hack For Idle Lumber Empire

This is a simple online hack cheat for lumber INC. You can generate Unlimited Diamonds, Bizzpoints, Chests, and Disable Ads. To get following advantages, follow instructions:

1. Open the link below ( Link 1 /Link 2)

2. Complete Human Verification

3. Enter User ID and region and click CONNECT.

4. Enter amount of diamonds, bizzpoints and chests. Also mark if you want to disable ads and Click NEXT.

5. Mark Security and Proxy, Click GENERATE.

6. Wait for 120 seconds and enjoy your reward!

Hacking Details
Hack On
Safety On
Proxy: On
Version Updated - 22-07-2023